The Boise VA has several affiliations with academic institutions throughout the Northwest, including Boise State University, University of Idaho, Idaho State University, the University of Washington, University of Utah, and Gonzaga University. These academic partnerships provide excellent training experiences for students pursuing specific healthcare-related careers in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, psychiatry, and biomedical research. The remarkable successful and growth of these residency programs over the last 40 years has supported the progress of healthcare for Idaho veterans. Students training at the Boise VA have been a resource for healthcare manpower for our facility, the community, the state and the region.


The Boise VA education program is also committed to creating a supportive learning environment that promotes excellence in veteran healthcare. This includes proper training of clinical staff as well as individualized veteran health education, focusing on disease prevention and management with emphasis on “living well.” Several resources and services to help veterans receive information regarding health education and health-related behaviors have also been developed.