Dr. Ammons is an Assistant Research Scientist of Infectious Diseases at the Boise VA Medical Center. Dr. Ammons completed her PhD in molecular immunology at Montana State University in 2007 and her post-doctoral work in medical biofilms at Montana State University in 2009. For the past seven years, Dr. Ammons has been an Assistant Research Professor in biochemistry at Montana State University where she played a key role in developing the metabolomics program. Her long-term career objective is to pursue a research program that seeks to solve the many unknowns of the host innate immune cell interaction with opportunistic microbial biofilms. Having completed doctoral studies in regulatory molecular mechanisms of phagocytic cells and postdoctoral studies in developing novel, metabolically-disrupting, biofilm-targeted antimicrobials, she is uniquely positioned to apply metabolomic techniques to elucidate these issues. The complex interaction between host innate immune cells and pathogenic bacterial biofilm in chronic wounds provides an ideal model system for the emergent field of metabolomics as there are significant gaps in basic research to explore as well as ample opportunities for innovative translational research such as the development of novel therapeutics and diagnostics. Working with the Boise VA Medical Center, Dr. Ammons’ research specifically targets development of better treatment protocols to promote healing in the chronic wounds afflicting our Veteran population and she hopes to bring a better quality of life to our wounded warriors and their families.

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