Frederick Bauer, M.D..

Dr. Bauer’s decades-long career in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology has focused on the diagnosis, assessment, treatment, and prevention of human disease through classical and advanced biochemical analyses of body fluids and histological study of pathology specimens. He also has years of experience as a Laboratory Director at the local level, directing all divisions of the hospital laboratory, including the blood bank, clinical chemistry and biology, toxicology, hematology, immunology and serology, and microbiology, and maintaining their respective information and quality control systems. Dr. Bauer also has experience at the regional level where, as College of American Pathologists Regional Commissioner, he contributed to the development, implementation, and assessment of laboratory policies and performance standards for all medical laboratories in the state of Idaho and Montana. He also participated in research activities by preparing and assessing tissues from experimental animals with various cancers and infectious diseases, and by serving as Chair of the Research and Development Committee and Human Studies Subcommittee of the Fresno VA Medical Center.

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