NOW OPEN to All Regional Investigators ! ! !


The research service at the Boise VA Medical Center announces the opening of its shared NIH COBRE-funded Histology/Pathology/lmaging Core (HPlC) facility. This well-equipped, expertly staffed and fully functional research facility offers services, expertise, instrumentation and training for the preparation, imaging and evaluation of experimental tissues by basic and advanced histological and immuno-histochemical methods.


The HPIC is located on the Boise VA campus within our AAALAC-accredited research facility which is also available to regional investigators for approved studies. Our Director is Dr. Frederick Bauer, a board-certified Anatomic and Clinical pathologist who recently retired as Director and Chief Pathologist of the VA Medical Center's Clinical Laboratory and who has studied cancer pathogenesis on the cellular and tissue levels over decades. Our Lead Histologist is Victoria Galarza who trained at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology and who has 10+ years of experience in clinical and research settings.


HPIC equipment and services are available to all regional investigators. Ultimately, the HPIC will function on a cost-recovery basis,
however no costs or fees will be collected prior to April 1, 2018.


Specific Services include:

* Experimental design consultation

* Processing, sectioning, and staining of frozen or fixed tissues and cells

* Routine and advanced tissue staining, including immunohistochemistry

* Quantitative immunohistochemistry

* Comparative evaluation and scoring of tissues by board-certified Anatomical and Clinical Pathologist


Histology/Pathology Equipment

Imaging Equipment

Excelsior AS Tissue Processor

Zeiss Axiophot fluorescent microscope;

Gemini Automated Slide Stainer

includes Excite 120LED illumination system

Thermo Scientific HN525 NX Cryostat

with BFP, GFP, DsRed and Texas Red filters

Cytospin 4

Bartels & Stout Axiocam Digital High Resolution

Leica Paraffin Embedding Station

monochromatic and color cameras

Jung Biocut 2035 Microtome

IVIS Lumina XR Imaging System

IonOptix single cell functional imaging system

Leica TCS SP8 laser confocal microscope


This shared resource is made possible by NIH Grant P20GM 109007 (National Institute of General Medical Sciences) and by support from the Boise VA Medical Center


Contact Information: Ms. Victoria Galarza; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 208-422-1000 ext 7068