Vision: IVREF envisions a nation in which every veteran will receive the finest research-based care.

Mission: IVREF’s mission is to continually improve the health of all veterans through basic science discoveries, clinical research studies, and state-of-the art education of healthcare professionals, veteran patients and their family members.

Values: The membership, board and staff of IVREF value:

  • Supporting innovative biomedical research projects
  • Providing mentored training opportunities for next generation of biomedical researchers
  • Supplying state-of-the art research equipment, facilities and infrastructure
  • Conducting clinical trials with promising new therapies and technologies
  • Supporting continuing medical education activities
  • Supporting novel computer-assisted, interactive equipment for medical education and training

We are demonstrating that today's research defines tomorrow's standard of care and improves the health of our nation's veterans.
The fundamental purpose of health research is to develop new diagnostics, treatments and medications which are safe and effective. Only formally organized research can assure society that patients are treated with the respect and care they deserve and that the research process is transparent and controlled – leading to research results that can be verified and duplicated to advance research and patient care. This research extends beyond scientific advances to the improvement of the health care systems that deliver care for the treatment of our veterans and the maintenance of health.
To improve medical care for our veterans, we must diligently pursue research. In light of diseases and health challenges relating to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), we believe there is a moral imperative to find the best possible treatments – so our veterans can enjoy the quality of life they so richly deserve. Medical research is an important cornerstone to understand how to reliably our veterans' quality of life and society at large.