Building 117, Boise VA Medical Center, Boise, ID

The PI’s laboratory and/or the Infectious Diseases laboratory contains all the necessary equipment for bacterial culture and preparation, nucleic acid isolation and analysis, microplate-based screening approaches, characterization of biomolecular interactions, tissue culture, co-culture of mammalian cells with pathogens, cellular analysis and cell imaging.


The PI’s laboratory contains incubators, shakers, a sterile microbiology hood, water bath, heat block, a microcentrifuge, balances, pH meter, and a refrigerated containment centrifuge necessary for culture and harvest of BSL-2 pathogens. In addition, the Infectious Diseases Laboratory also contains a dedicated Tissue Culture/Microbiology laboratory for co-culture of bacteria with mammalian cells. This laboratory contains a tissue culture hood, two tissue culture incubators, a containment centrifuge, water bath, and electroporator.

Nucleic Acid Core.

The nucleic acid core houses two LightCycler 480 II real-time quantitative PCR systems (Roche), a 7500 Fast real-time PCR system (Applied Biosystems), two GeneAmp 9700 Thermocycler PCR systems (Applied Biosystems), a TissueLyzer II homogenization system (Qiagen), a Qubit® 2.0 fluorometer (Invitrogen), a UV/vis spectrophotometer, a 2200 TapeStation (Agilent), an AlphaInnotech NovaRay microarray reader, and equipment necessary for DNA/RNA isolation, DNA/RNA electrophoretic analysis, and DNA/RNA blotting procedures.

Biomolecular Interaction Core.

The biomolecular interaction core contains equipment necessary for protein isolation, microplate-based assays and studies characterizing biomolecular interactions, including: a TissueLyzer II homogenization system (Qiagen), a Sonic Dismembrator (Fisher Scientific), two Sorvall WX Ultra Series ultracentrifuges (ThermScientific), Two Sorvall RC 6+ preparative centrifuges (ThermoScientific), a walk-in (4oC) refrigerated room, FPLC and HPLC instruments, SDS-PAGE/Western blot systems, a 2-D gel electrophoresis system, an EL311 Microplate reader (BioTek), an FLx800 TBI fluorescent microplate reader (BioTek), and an Octet RED96 bio-interferometer system (ForteBio).

Tissue Culture Laboratories.

The Infectious Disease laboratory has two dedicated tissue culture laboratories, each containing two sterile tissue culture hoods, four tissue culture incubators, light microscopes, water baths, and containment centrifuges.

Confocal and Microscopy Imaging Core.

The imaging core contains a brand new Leica TCS SP8 laser scanning confocal microscope, an inverted Leica light microscope, and fluorescent Zeiss microscope.

Flow Cytometry Core.

The Flow Cytometry core contains a Coulter Epics XL-MCL flow cytometer and a new, state-of-the-art Coulter MoFlo XDP cell sorter.

Dishwashing and Autoclave Station.

A central dishwashing and autoclaving station are also available for the Infectious Disease Laboratory in the Research facility at the Boise VAMC.

Sample storage.

The PI’s laboratory and the Infectious Diseases Laboratory contain several 4oC refrigerators, -20deg C and -70deg C freezers and liquid nitrogen dewars for sample storage.

Building 109, Boise VA Medical Center, Boise, ID


The AAALAC-accredited Veterinary Medical Unit supports research of laboratory animals. The facilities are maintained by a supervisor, technician and a consulting veterinary pathologist. Anesthesia equipment, general equipment (balances, centrifuges) and equipment for histology (dissecting microscope, paraffin embedding station, microtome, cryostat, staining equipment) are available to investigators at the facility.

In Vivo Animal Imaging Core.

The animal imaging core contains a brand new PerkinElmer IVIS Lumina XR system for detecting pathogens and tracer molecules in living animals.